Blueberry Pancakes

The week that I came out of my depression, a few days after I knew He was here with me, I woke up early to make blueberry pancakes for my family on a Friday morning.  Now, to understand how out of character this is for me, you have to know that I was the “rush to get out the door in the morning” type of person.  I STRONGLY DISLIKE    AM NOT FOND OF    Whatever… I HATED mornings.  I slept in as long as humanly possible and gave myself minutes to get ready. I also taught my daughter to do the same thing. We were always in a hurry.  I was the girl in the car doing her makeup while driving, talking on her cell phone, and sipping a latte.  I’m done with that so I’d say sue me, but unless you have video of me doing this prior to August, I’ve given that up (lip gloss doesn’t count).  I also did things like make blueberry pancakes.  I didn’t make blueberry pancakes because I wanted to give my family a nice breakfast.  I made them because I wanted people to know that we were the kind of family that had Blueberry Pancakes for breakfast.

This Friday morning was different.  I woke up really early. Like 4am early. After this whole break down thing, my sleep still hadn’t normalized. I tossed and turned for about 15 minutes and decided that it didn’t make sense to toss and turn all morning.  I might as well get up.  What should I do?  Coffee.  Coffee first.  And then… how about I make blueberry pancakes?!  YES!!!

So, I made coffee and I started gathering the materials and ingredients needed to make blueberry pancakes.  I stopped.  I had some time to kill because I didn’t want to wake the fam up this early, so I let the dog out, threw in some laundry, watched the news.  This felt good.

I started writing in my journal and after I was finished, I headed to the kitchen and realized that I am not a huge fan of pouring the batter onto the griddle over and over again for each pancake (I have a skillet pan, not a griddle, it’s called one to two at a time, Ladies, and that takes time). I decided this was a Sunday affair and that I would make muffins.  I would make muffins because I wanted to.  Not because I wanted to post a photo of it on Facebook.  Not because I wanted to rub it in my husbands face later when I needed something to throw in his face.  Because I love my family and I thought it would be AWESOME to enjoy BLUEBERRY MUFFINS ON A FRIDAY MORNING.  To this day (over a decade with my husband) I don’t believe we had ever had breakfast (sit down breakfast) together during the week.  I was excited.  to get up and make muffins.  What?! I know.


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