Caution: Faith Story Ahead – Did I lose you yet?

“It’s not those who acknowledge the darkness that change the world, it’s those who walk directly into it and bring light”

I’m a singer.  I’m a songwriter.  I enjoy making people laugh.  I tell a lot of jokes.  I guess you could say I like attention. I’ve seen a lot of things on my journey in this life and I like to share them with people.  I believe that God has given me some intense drama in my life so that I could talk about it and engage people, connect with people, dare I say inspire people.  Maybe build an audience because I have actually been witness to and experienced a lot of amazing and terrifying things. I’m blessed for both.  Storyteller.


If you were a world renown psychic and you came to me at the beginning of 2013 and gave me proof of how you predicted 9/11, that Hannah Montana would get into drugs and get naked for a music video, and without being a cast/crew member knew the details to the finale to Breaking Bad (that was for you,Twilight Love),etc… and then you told me that I’d find the Lord and want to share the story of my Spiritual Awakening with people, I would’ve laughed in your face and told you to start searching for a new job and wished you luck.  After you turned around to walk away, I would’ve spoken under my breath and said…yeah… good luck finding a job in this economy/job market.


Well – Now that I’m doing this living a whole hearted life thing and admitting when I’m wrong (yes, my husband is definitely enjoying that part) I will say that I would’ve been dead wrong and that you, the world renown psychic were RIGHT.  Here I am, professing my love and gratitude to the Lord and wanting to talk about it.  Sometimes I have to stop and remember that this is ME talking because this is the most amazing paradigm shift ever.  Bell bottomed, guitar toting,Hippie to laptop, smartphone addicted, corporate banker to born again, faith leaping, storyteller.

I only recently put 2 and 2 together, though.  I always wondered why I experienced so many different things at such a young age.  I used to say it was because I would someday be on American Idol or VH1 Behind the Music (for the hipsters reading this, they used to play music videos and UNPLUGGED and live music on cable tv) and that I’d have stories to tell about all of the songs I had written.

Today, I believe that this journey of ups and downs and “stories” have all been a part of God’s plan.  We’ve actually become quite good friends since September.  I think we’re almost at a point where I’m ready to give Him a BFF charm to share with me.  :oP


Did I lose you yet?  Are you clicking unfollow or headed for it now?  Please give it one more post and then if you leave, I wish you only the best and I mean that.  🙂 6 months ago, I would’ve thought I was crazy, too. Just hear me out.

Prior to September, my Faith consisted of the following:

  1. Thank God for anything you are afraid to lose
  2. Ask God for help if you’re in a pinch
  3. Fear God – Think of Him as the Big Bad Heisenberg (another Breaking Bad reference, Erin) Boss that will judge all of us

Well, I was wrong.  He is funny. He is forgiving. His love is endless and infinite. (Ephesians 3:17-19)  I might lose some followers/readers after I write about this and that’s okay.  I’m doing this because I know I was meant to do this.  I’m going to tell you about my journey.  Trust me, I’m not perfect.  I’m not better than you. I’m not trying to convert you.  I’m not going to force you to come to church and drink juice with me. I still tell lies.  I still make mistakes.  I still swear.  I am still afraid.  Not every post (as you can see if you read others) is about my Faith but it is a part of my journey.

You don’t have to be a shotgun toting, country music loving, hillbilly, homophobic, religious expert, bible quoting, orbitz gum chewing, cross sporting, suit on Sunday, stop listening to that Devil music, kind of Person… to have a relationship with Jesus.  Seriously, Dude.

Before I share the story of the day I knew He was with me, I want to tell you why I know He gets me.  Why He cracks me up. Read “THIS IS THE END OF BLUEBERRY PANCAKES” if you’re interested. As soon as I figure out how to make that a link, I will.  I am not the techiest (wow, that’s not a word yet?!) girl on the block.

“It’s not those who acknowledge the darkness that change the world, it’s those who walk directly into it and bring light”

– I think this was Jeff Bethke but I haven’t been able to verify


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