The End of Blueberry Pancakes

So this post won’t make as much sense unless you’ve read my Blueberry Pancakes post. So…I’m politely asking you to do so if you haven’t already but the story will still come together if you don’t.  This choice is yours.  In this instance, you have Free will, My brotha… or sista.

As I began mixing the ingredients for the blueberry muffins, one of the steps called for me to open the tin can of blueberries included in the box. Yes, they actually instruct you to OPEN the can. I’m not being judgmental, here   Idiot Proof Instructions: but If you are going to operate an oven, I truly hope you understand that you must empty the contents of the tin can into the bowl, not the tin can and contents. Sarcasm intended.

Upon opening the tin can of blueberries, you are to rinse the blueberries prior to stirring them into the batter.  I used the sprayer (is there an official name for the sprayer thingy in the sink? If so, please correct me in the comments section because I’m too lazy to google search right now) to rinse the berries and drain the juices from the tin can. Somehow, the handle of the sprayer got stuck. I believed I had fixed it, shut off the water, and placed the sprayer back in it’s place.


I headed over to the mixing bowl, dumped the blueberries in, gave it a few stirs and began filling the muffin tins with muffin cup liners.  I perfectly placed the batter in each cup. I neatly scooped the batter into a spoon and transferred it effortlessly into the cups.  Okay. Whole hearted honest me will speak now.  I dropped chunks of batter on the counter, on the pan, on my finger and spatula (the chef must always sample the dish prior to serving) and the remaining batter was scooped into the muffin cups and placed into the oven.

chef taste

I set the timer and began to clean up. I placed the mixing bowl into the sink and turned the water on to start the dishes.


Water from the sprayer covered me, the counter, the floor, and my surprised shadow (my Chihuahua). Apparently, I had not fixed the handle of the sprayer that was stuck. It remained stuck.

The old me would’ve reacted like this:

My day is ruined. When the family get’s up I’m going to tell them how I tried to do something nice for them and it ruined my day. I’d get to work and complain about how it ruined my day. Everyone I spoke with would hear about how this ruined my day.

mad mom 1 mad mom 2

The new, whole hearted me reacted like this:

Smile.  Giggle.  Laugh.  Memories of every April Fools Day at my Grandparents house. Someone always got nailed with the rubber band around the sprayer prank.  I got warm fuzzies thinking of my Grandma and Papa and the wonderful times that we had growing up there. With the pain and fear I had growing up, I always felt so safe and loved and accepted there.  We always had genuine smiles and I can now see how full of love that home was.  What a precious moment.  God gave me that moment and allowed me to see the humor in my mistakes. The humor in my failure.  I know it was a small mistake… but this was a defining moment for me. I didn’t have to beat myself up or let small things ruin my days. He gave me a precious lesson in that moment… and a gentle nudge to mop the floor because it really needed it.

If God Feeds the birds of the air, how much more is He going to take care of you? Everything will be fine. Maybe you went through a loss or a disappointment. Stay at rest. A new beginning is coming.

Okay.  Now I’ll lose some more followers with this one but it’s a quickie:

This is the End.  It’s a movie with Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill, James Franco, and Emma Watson. It’s an Apocalyptic Comedy where the characters play themselves in what they believe to be the the end of the world.

Spoiler Alert coming up if you haven’t seen it.

Being that I’m just getting to know Christ and I’m still fumbling around with His story, searching, seeking, reading the bible and building my relationship with Him, I have had a LOT of questions.

I swear. I’ve always had a filter when I needed to (in front of my daughter, in the corporate world as needed, etc.) but I still drop a few 4 letter words.  I had some quiet time in the car as I was waiting for a family member to finish at an appointment.  I took the time to ask God if I should stop swearing now that I was getting closer to Him.I already know I shouldn’t swear but I was honestly scared I would go to Hell if I swore again at that moment. Again… this is the story of my journey so please don’t let it offend you.

I swear when I mean it, Sugar.

I swear when I mean it, Sugar.

Moments later, a text came through with a dirty joke on my phone. I thought that was somewhat coincidental but not enough to think of it as an answer to my question. Another minute passed. A good friend of mine texted me stating that she was having a horrible day and needed a ride home from the hospital. She had just finished a rather painful procedure and her ride cancelled on her. She still had a few hours left before she could leave and needed a smile and a ride. I forwarded the dirty joke I had just received and she replied with a smiley face stating that was EXACTLY what she needed. <Content and explicit details omitted due to this being a conversation with a friend I’ve had for 25 years. She was a little doped up on pain medication and we both had our share of laughs over some adult themed conversation. LYLAS.>

Okay. I still wasn’t convinced. I have a thick skull.  I am stubborn. It runs in my family. He gets that, too.

My husband and I rented This is the End that night and I had told him about the swear word story from earlier. Neither of us really knew what the movie was about and as it progressed, I kind of got a kick out of it. Trust me, there are a LOT of inappropriate scenes in it and it’s rated R for a reason so if you’re easily offended or not into fart jokes, please skip it.

Towards the end of the movie, there are only a few people left on Earth. As they do good deeds, they are “beamed” up to Heaven in a blue light. In the final moments of the movie, 2 characters are so excited to be on the highway to Heaven that they drop a few 4 letter words lost in the happiness and joy of going to Heaven.  They make it through to the pearly gates and it’s a comical moment.  Now, I’m not saying that we should all walk around swearing every chance we get nor am I saying that God said it was okay to swear.  I’m just sharing my experience with those who would like to read it.

I believe that God knows me. He gets my sense of humor. We can have fun as we talk. It doesn’t need to be a relationship built on fear and shame. It can be fun and while I try to stay on my best behavior, I don’t believe that if I slip up a few times a year     weekly   I mean… once and awhile, I’m not able to gain access to the pearly gates.

movie pearly gates





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