Lollipops and Unicorns… or not.

I am on again for the most part. Most days, I feel as if I’m right where He wants me to be.

Some days, the lollipops are gasoline flavored and the unicorns scarf them down and spit fire upon the lush forest of cotton candy and burn it all down. That was today.

unicorn fire

I start each morning with a Sarah Youngs, Jesus Calling, and take a few moments to be alone with Him and my thoughts…coffee is the third wheel. Oh how I love the 3rd wheel.  I write to Him sometimes, too. It’s a great way to start the day.

Today is one of my Unicorns burned the dang forest down again days. I’m tired. It takes more effort to cook, to clean, to talk, to live. I have fear and doubt in my heart and I hate it. I try not to think negatively or doubt Him. I’m new at this so I wonder if it gets easier or more difficult.  I’m sure its different for all of us. Such is life.

I want tomorrow to arrive so I can hit reset and once again remind myself that He is leading me and all I must do is follow and trust.


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