Getting Naked

Get Naked. Get Real. Get Uncomfortable. Get Healed. Get Knowledge.

Come along for the journey as I strip down for the world to see.

Armor is off, walls are down.  It’s terrifying. It’s empowering. It’s me. This is my blog.

Welcome. Feel free to invite your friends. I hope you enjoy the show.

Preview:  I am a 30 something mother of a spunky 7th grader and I’m married to an incredibly patient and supportive husband. They outline my heart with warmth and keep it beating. We live in a suburb of Minneapolis, MN. Ehhhh, Yaaaa Knoooow… Where it gets reeeally coooold, youuuuu betcha.

I’m a recovering perfectionist with a diagnosis of Bipolar II. In September 2013, I clawed fought battled barely made it out of a nervous breakdown that lasted for months. While vacationing in the depths of Hell, searching for a way out, I came across one hell of a battle sword. I summoned the strength to slay some bad guys, confront my past, and crawl out of that crazy mess, although I still make frequent visits against my will.

fiery sword

Through out my manic episodes and really, my entire teenage and adult life, I’ve played the role of the party girl from the broken home, the well dressed career woman breaking through the glass ceiling, the hippy singer/songwriter, the list goes on and on. When you play so many parts, it’s easy to forget who you really are.

Some of these acts can get pretty dark and graphic… but I’d still call it a PG-13. My hope is that with a few laughs and giggles mixed in, we can get through this journey together.

I used to base my life on worrying what everyone thought of me at times and although it’s not always easy to be so honest and out in the open, I feel like it’s time to be authentic.  I feel like the more each of us shares with each other, the more we see that we’re not so different.  Nobody is perfect, regardless of what image might be put out there.  Even though I have always believed that what was underneath my armor was never good enough for anyone to see, I’m embracing it, and if you’re reading this, you better embrace it, too.  I still have that battle sword I earned in hell.

Thank you for coming to the show.  Take a seat and let’s get real.

Fine Print:  If you landed on my page hoping to catch the actual removal of clothing, you’ll have to go elsewhere. Metaphor, my friend. Creep elsewhere.


8 thoughts on “Getting Naked

  1. Congratulations! I’ve just nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. This award is given to those who show a love of Blogging in their work, and I think you do that. It’s up to you if you want to accept this award or not, but I hope you’ll at least go to my post here: and read it to see what the award is all about and make your decision. In any event, Thank You for a wonderful blog and I wish you all the best in the future.
    Gardening in Greenwood
    Naked Nerves


  2. Seems we’re both on the same page with our willingness to be naked in showing our true selves. It’s a great metaphor and so far I haven’t had any “creeps” following me. Just good people like you! Thanks very much for visiting and commenting on my site. We have a lot in common. Thanks for coming out so Strong! It’s good to be vulnerable, to a point. Finding that point is the trick isn’t it?
    all the best to you,


  3. Yes! I love this idea and I think you’re a brave woman for suggesting it. Remember that confidence is beautiful and the fact that you have the nerve to challenge yourself already makes you that much stronger!


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