All Great Changes are Preceded by Chaos…

All great changes are preceded by chaos. – Deepak Chopra

I certainly feel that statement is true.  Do you?

I am at peace for the most part, but I believe those moments are due to my Spirituality and daily prayer. Most of the people that are aware of the things going on in our life right now have quite a few thoughts and a lot of advice on what I should be doing right now. That advice does not align with our plans/goals. I’ve tuned their voices out because sometimes, mine can be loud enough on their own.

Please tell me, because I’m

CuriousPlease share with me (comment or link me to your blog…)

  • Have you gone through a major change in your life?
  • Did it take a lot of hard work and effort?
  • Were you constantly aware of your actions/decisions to make sure that they aligned with the desired changes?
  • What is/was the outcome?


2 thoughts on “All Great Changes are Preceded by Chaos…

  1. As I was getting ready for bed tonight I thought about you and how open and honest you are. How you’ve completely put yourself out there and you’re “naked” for the entire world to see. I was going to try to fall asleep before midnight, because for some reason my head is hurting. I think it may be because I have too much on my mind. But this is not about me, before I get into answering your question I wanted to comment about your posts.
    I think you are very brave and show a great deal of courage for starting to write your thoughts and struggles down. I sometimes read you posts and feel immense pain and sadness for you, but yet I recognize that what I feel is no way close to your pain. Instead of talking about your sadness, I’d like to elevate your courage. I was watching a special on Nelson Mandela tonight, and found myself thinking wow he has courageous. But what is courage? I think it’s persevering when others think that you will fail. And despite any setbacks, minor or major, you don’t let it waver your resolve. I think that is courage. Although you may not see it right now, I have a feeling one day, sometime in the future. You’ll be able to look back and say “wow I was courageous during that time.”
    As for my experience dealing with change, I started writing here to get closer to my real self. To give my mind a way to release some of my thoughts; and also as a way to reach more people. A few months ago I took a class through my church called “DESIGN” D-esires, E-xpectations, S-piritual gifts, I-ndividual style, G-rowth phase, N-atural ability. I’ve always had a decent grip of my personality style, but I had never thought it would be aligned with my spirituality, and my spiritual gifts. This class thought me that my spiritual gift was to Encourage, Teach, or Counsel. Since taking the class it’s been really remarkable. I’ve embraced my gifts, and they have been manifesting in amazing ways. I realized that I was able to feel pain of people around me, and then tell them EXACTLY what encouragement they had prayed to hear! Talk about having some INTERESTING conversations with friends, let’s just say there was a lot of “wow how did you know to talk to me about that? I didn’t tell that to anyone!”
    Despite that great spiritual awakening in me, I’m struggling to find a balance with my work life. I have a good job, but it doesn’t motivate me. I’ve found that it’s really important for me to be motivated, if I’m not motivated I can end up sabotaging what I do. I’ve prayed about it, and I think it’s time to quit my job. Although I’m single and don’t have any financial commitments, I’m afraid to quit my job. I know god has something amazing in stored for me, and I’m even confident that I will find work. Taking that first step has been hard, but despite that I’ve seen some clear signs that he’s got my back. I’ve been keeping a part-time job that I started several years ago; I do that on the weekends. Well someone from there that I never talk to other than the occasional hello read my blog. She was so impressed and moved by my courage to put myself out there that she felt compelled to respond to me. She believes that she knows what I should do for work next, she even took it upon herself to start the ball rolling for me. The job is basically mine to turn down, but I don’t think she will let me do that. Oh and did I mention it’s something I absolutely love doing, and now I can teach my love to others. So what I’m saying is that despite my stubbornness, god has already worked something out for me. I’m not doubting him, I just feel as though my courage isn’t as strong as I’d like it to be. I’m not really sure what’s stopping me, or even why I’m stopping me.
    That’s my story, I hope that it brings some peace or comfort to you tonight, I hope you’re not still staying up not being able to sleep.


    • Thank you so much. Your words are so kind and help me to stay positive. I’m excited to hear more about your journey.

      I’ve had a few solid nights of sleep and for the most part, feeling okay.

      Thank you, again. God Bless.


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