Labels Against Women

Being true to who you are is often accompanied by judgement from others. Being comfortable in your skin is a feeling like no other but based on recent conversations, even the realest, most outwardly confident men and women occasionally feel insecure when they are labeled.

As a woman working in a male dominated field, I was often judged. I was labeled as bitchy when I fought for something I believed in.  My expertise was questioned when I discussed manufacturing.  I was criticized by women who stayed at home with their children as they grew up and often times, by older men that questioned why I would work if I had the opportunity to stay home and take care of my family.

When I came across this ad campaign, I was inspired. I’m not sure if I’m becoming more aware of people bringing topics like this out into the open or if the message is finally reaching others.  Either way, I’m inspired to continue my journey as a mother who also has the opportunity to embrace a career.

Click below to watch the commercial.  It’s only a minute long.  Worth the time.

Your thoughts?


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