Stigma – Mental Illness Awareness Week

Mental Illness Awareness Week was Oct. 6 to 12 so I’m a little late. I was kind of in the middle of a nervous breakdown. My apologies.
I personally know the stigma that goes along with mental illness. What makes it so difficult for conversation surrounding the topic?  Is it because it can’t be diagnosed with a blood test or an x-ray? If you suffer from it, you are weak or broken?  How can we break this belief in two and bury it?  It’s hard enough dealing with mental illness and to sense that you are not accepted or less than because of it only worsens the condition.
Per Web MD’s October issue, Sonya Collins states, “one in four adults—60 million people—have a mental illness.
About half of U.S. adults will have a mental illness at some point in their lives.”

To me, those numbers are astounding.  It continues to get worse. Based on those figures, most of us know someone struggling with mental illness in our lives.

Why can’t we talk about mental illness?  If 1 in 4 suffers from it, why does it need to stay behind a closed door?



3 thoughts on “Stigma – Mental Illness Awareness Week

  1. I think people fear what they do not understand. We understand how cancer, diabetes, etc. work, but mental illness is still, in many ways, a mystery. We can’t talk about it because we we can’t fix it in the same way we fix physical issues, and as you said, we can’t diagnose it using concrete, undisputed methods. Centuries ago people suffering from mental illness were burned at the stake, or in the very least ostracized from society. While we aren’t burning people at the stake anymore, we are still ostracizing them. This causes many suffering people to hide their illness, which means they don’t get the help and support they need. I have been very open about my struggles with anxiety and depression, and although that has ended many would-be friendships and relationships, I’ve been able to help people. We NEED to talk about it! Thank you for this blog and for being so willing to discuss what so many people are afraid to discuss or even think about. Helping others is a surefire way to find healing for ourselves…it’s ingrained in our beings to exist in a supporting community, and the only way to do that is to talk openly about the things we are going through.


    • No one has to suffer alone!!! I don’t have all the answers. But I know what I have survived through and what I’m surviving from everyday. Knowledge is power and together we can come together like many fibers of optic ( did you think rope) and Shine a new way a new path….let’s change the world! I’m 30 Happily Married with 4 kids under 11 , thank you for letting me know I am not alone and also thank you for sharing and giving me Faith!
      Runaway Hero


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