Bat Signal

The importance of a support network in my life is arguably the most significant armor I have in my war against depression.

I have asked my friends and family to call me out on my behavior. It’s not an easy thing to request. It’s not an easy thing to hear. It’s definitely not easy when you find out who you become when depression attacks.


When I was down earlier this week, I had conversations with my husband, my mom, my aunt, my mother in law, and my friends. It’s hard to ask for help. It’s hard to feel like a burden. It’s hard to show up on the phone or in person with a snot covered face, streaked in tears.

On Tuesday, I somehow was able to get up and truly fight against depression. Not that I haven’t before…I just got up in his face on Tuesday. Instead of hiding in my bed, I called on my network and cried my eyes out. Instead of wearing the same clothes for days and not showering, I dragged my noodle of a body into Japanese Cherry Blossom bliss (thank you Bath & Body). It was NOT easy. Not at all. But at the end of that day, I was so proud of myself for fighting back so hard. I earned a badge that day. I truly did.

I am so blessed. It was great that I felt my network kick in when they knew I was down. My husband reached out to my trusted few and they answered…Loudly. Jewels showed up at my door at 3PM, not knowing if I would be in bed and not answering the door, in a windchill advisory (your boogers freeze during these temps here in Minnesota) because she wanted to make sure I was okay. Unreal. She might be crazier than I am. Woah. 😉


Montana came over after work to make sure I was okay, too. As always, by the time she left, I was laughing until my stomach hurt.

My husband took the initiative to put the Bat Signal out and my bat friends came out to rally. More reasons to wake up in the morning.

bat signal

Thank you. Thank you for sending out the Bat Signal.  Thank you for answering the Bat Signal. Thank you for being a part of my battle. Thank you for helping me feel like less of a burden when I reach out. Thank you for reaching out when I can’t move my arms. You give me hope. You encourage me. You inspire me.

Much Love. xo



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