Status: I’m okay.

For the moment, I’m okay. Got out of the house. Got coffee. Got time with my Montana. Spent time with family and my guitar. For the moment, I am well. All of the above are healing for me.

I hope my fellow blog buddies are okay today, too. Feel like I’m connected to you in this, now. May peace be with you.

Thank you to friends/family for cking on me. I can’t always talk but know I appreciate you reaching out to me. Xo


One thought on “Status: I’m okay.

  1. Glad to see that you’re up and around. I have a lot of thoughts that fly around in my mind weekly. I’ve started writing here on WordPress because I’ve seen that my thoughts have value to others. Would it be ok if I specifically respond to you with a title in the comments “Weekly Encouraging Words” I don’t always write when I feel moved, sometimes I’ll let it settle in my thoughts for a bit. Well here’s mine for you for this week.
    I heard a thought this Sunday that got me thinking “What if we are all here to play a set-up role.” No one likes to think of themselves as someone who’s here to start something good so someone else could finish it. Martin Luther King Jr. didn’t say “I have a dream that in x… years I’ll see …” he had a Dream because he didn’t expect his dreams to come true in his lifetime. In a way he knew that what he started wasn’t going to finish, that someone else was going to finish his work. Ok I know you’re probably thinking but that was MLK, I’m not him. Well there are plenty of people who played a part in forming who he became, even the people who put him in jail had a part to play.
    The Universe is quite large, there are millions of galaxies, with billions of stars in each galaxy. So trying to find Planet Earth in that vast sea of (whatever comes after billion) of stars, yea it’s impossible. But lets say tyring to find your house from a satalite above the earth, a little easier, finding you if I’m in your city ok now that is easy. What I’m saying is this. If you’re looking at your life compared to the entire universe, of course you’ll seem insignificant, but looking at your life from right outside your window, now isn’t that much easier. I know you’ll have good days, some bad days, and some more bad days mixed in with a few sprinklings of good. Remember to look at your life from outside your own window, rather than from the entire universe.
    So when you have those bad days just remember, you play a part in a larger plan, a plan that will not be fully implemented after many of us are gone from this earth. Just like MLK that shouldn’t stop us from doing our part.
    Take triumph in you good days, take solace and remembrance in your bad. But always remember, have faith, and trust that God ALWAYS has your back.


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