Searchin for Sleep

I must try to find sleep tonight. I will search for her until she embraces me. I will relax. I will breath deeply. I will sleep in peace.

Before I head to bed, I must say that for the moment, I’m so excited to beat the crap out of this darkness. I give to Him my battles and my will and trust that He’s fighting for me.

With His help tonight, I will wake up and I will have a better day.

I can control that. I can add one more thing that makes me feel better, on each dark day. Even if it’s lighting a flippin candle that smells like Hawaii or singing “My Favorite Things” or playing Just Dance with my daughter on XBox. With His armor, my prayer, my belief, my meds, we are going to beat this thing and I’m going to make a difference in this world. MARK THESE WORDS. He saved me for a reason and I’m listening and open. When He’s ready, it will be so.

God Bless.


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