Peanut Butter and Somersaults


Have you tried exercising? Have you taken vitamin d? Have you tried wellbutrin? Eat a magical green apple in a leotard. They need to decrease your meds. They should increase your meds. You shouldn’t take any meds. Try drinking vinegar at bedtime. Have you attempted somersaults with peanut butter in your mouth while singing I’m too Sexy?


I know people care and that they want to help. I get it. I really do. It just makes me want to pull my hair out.

I used to be so stubborn that I wouldn’t let my husband stir MY homemade chili on the stove because it had to be my chilli. my recipe.

I didn’t need help from anyone. I got this.

Looking back, I realize how incredibly stubborn and rude I could be. I’m leaving most of that behind.

Here is the thing, though. When you go from playing Dear Abby to the girl that everyone plans to heal with their magical green apple or peanut butter eating gymnastics is unbearable. I’m supposed to help myself. Stir my own pots and pans. I got this.

My support network consists of some incredible people. Very few that truly know what has been going on with me. I appreciate ideas but after the 6th suggestion of the day, not including my self work and psychiatrist homework, it is overwhelming. Especially for the perfectionist that needs all items on the checklist to be completed. What if I have a panic attack because I’m out of peanut butter and can’t find my damn leotard? Uuuufta.

Can you relate?


5 thoughts on “Peanut Butter and Somersaults

  1. looking at the blog, I noticed it was about writing tips and I wondered how being a writer feels. I’d never thought of myself as a writer – no, its not me – no, I teach – but – hold on – now, maybe with this stream of consciousness style – hmm – its possible – maybe.


  2. The great thing about getting advice from people, especially when it’s unsolicited, it that they tell you about methods that have kinda sorta maybe worked 50% of the time for them. The key to receiving unsolicited advice is that you have to take it with a grain of salt, sorry I know another advice pun. I don’t however completely discount advice though, it’s always good to get a different perspective. The most important thing to remember is this, do what works for you, and take as much time as you need. I may have mentioned this to you before, but be yourself, and be loving and kind as best that you can. I know that there are times when you can be positive, and others when you say, to hell with all that positive stuff. I read about a story that made me cry at first, but then there was a really great message in it.
    Full declaimer here, if you don’t think you can handle crying right now, don’t read it. I’ve attached the link at the very bottom of my comments.
    Anyway it goes something like this. A writer who has been talking about the benefits of being more Loving to everyone you meet, finds out during a routine check up that she has cancer. Now for me, that would have probably been the last time I talk about being positive, let alone being loving. She was obviously devastated, but what happened next is the great thing about this story. The outpouring of LOVE she received from EVERYONE around her was incredible. Because she was loving and kind even during this crazy ordeal, people around her reciprocated her kindness. She’s most likely going to survive and beat her cancer in way less time than they think is possible. But the message I wanted to share with you is this. Be loving and kind and embrace even your sickness, and love will find a way to embrace you and help you beat what you thought was impossible. This story has shown me that old saying is true “Love concurs all” apparently it even helps concur Cancer. Hope your day today is better than yesterday, and that tomorrow will be even better.


    • Thank you so much for your kind words. Her blog is beautiful and I am inspired by her positivity.

      I still hold on to the belief that God has a plan for me; that by going through this, He will show me how I am to help others. Thank you for taking time to write such a thoughtful response.


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