Trophies and Cookies

People have faith in me. Every compliment and each comment on my blog help me on the days that I feel defeated and want to give up.

These acts of kindness helped me to get dressed and walk out the door…

1. Steve, a blogger that continues to inspire me,nominated me for a blogging award. Stoked. It’s a breath of fresh air to know my writing is appreciated. His has helped me immensely. I’ll be working on the requirements this week. Truly humbled and honored. The rewards and recognition do so much for me. steve’s incredible blog

2. Although I don’t allow my 9 year old daughter to read my blog, she is aware of it and I share what I deem as appropriate. She is proud. She drew this at school and it melted my heart.

3. After meeting with my therapist, she reminded me that I need to give myself credit for each step. Whether it’s getting up for a drink of water or writing a blog entry or exercising. It’s all trophy worthy. I want to say cookie worthy but I know that would turn into brownies or candybars or pallets of nutella. Mo’ cookies, mo’ problems, Dawg.


4. 5. 6. 7….Thank you to my husband. I’m not sure how he not only stays by my side, but still looks at me with adoration. I’m falling in love with him ten years in to where it all began. I’m Looking forward to ten more filled with laughter, warmth, openness, and adventure… and Intimacy. I once heard someone break that down into In-To-Me-You-See. Makes sense. When its all on the table, fresh baked brownies with walnuts, prunes and broccoli puree with a side of mustard pickle linguini, lutefisk, mystery jello with green beans in colorful lime green molds; there are choices to make. He’s focusing on the brownies and somehow finding the goodness in the other individual ingredients on his own. He loves my charm and imperfections. He’s my balance and bless his heart, accepts me for who I am, flaws, prunes, lutefisk, bipolar and all.




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