Bipolar Betty Comic #1

Warning: I stink at punctuation during conversations.  Please, bare with me. Content. Content. Content.

This is a conversation between BiPolar Betty and Insurance Deductable Dan at a party…

Insurance Deductible Dan

Insurance Deductible Dan

woman crying“Hey there, Insurance Deductable Dan. Well ya know what I’m thinking…I’m here… You’re here. Hows about we…um…ya know… go all the way, just like we did in 2013?”

“Well, ya see Betty, I’m super high. Higher than last year. I think I might increase my needs for 2014, as it appears you’ve put on some pounds and I hear you have migraines and mental illness, as well?”

“Migraines and Mental Illness? Oh, no…just like the elephant game. Sounds like they were a little off.  I have been eating more grains and spending time with the Oriental Princess to learn to play theQin Qin . Well, now that we straightened that out, maybe if you have a couple of these Prozac, you’ll change your mind?”

“I think I’ll deny that request.”

Betty thinks to herself…  Oh wait, antidepressants make your sex drive go downhill, huh?  Oopsies. Not my first error in judgement and certainly won’t be my last.

“That won’t work, Betsey. I can see you’ve been eating a lot of Ben and Jerry’s and if those things are really true about the mental illness and migraines, maybe you should talk to Loan Shark Charlie. I hear for the right price, he’ll go out with almost anyone.”

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m a little upset that my deductible is incredibly high on my insurance.  I hit it in November of 2013. It is now Feb 2014 and I have to start over.  Yes.  I am angry.




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