Officially Bat Shit Crazy

And I can claim bat shit crazy for two reasons.  1.  I can imitate Sarah Palin like no other (ask my family, it’s true) 2. The following paragraph should do.  🙂 

Here is how bad my memory loss is getting.  I didn’t realize I had toId ya’ll about my ER stay from Sunday.  I just typed up this whole flipping blog entry and wanted to reference something in my “last blog” entry and saw the one from the 3rd. Goodness Gracious, Great Balls of Fire.  I’m so sick of this.  Well – I’m going to leave this one as is and start a new one in a moment… Here ya go…..

I was trying to find a comical beginning to my story but I think I’m either too medicated or too slow.  Maybe the medication is slowing me?  Oh bloody hell, I’m not even going to start that mess of a discussion.

Today is Thursday.  I am sure of that because I had a psych appointment today and when the calendar lists my agenda for the day, it shades it a lovely lilac purple. So, I know that today is Lovely Lilac Thursday.  I feel like calling it Pissy Pants Thursday because I’m a bit crabby today.

mr crab

I use an application called myChart and it gets you appt dates, follow notes, lab results, amongst many other services.  I went to the clinic on the 31st of January due to the continued pain in my sprained shoulder and new symptoms like my memory loss and alerted the doctor that I had a few recent falls.  Due to the memory loss and falls, we did lab work.  I obsessively checked MyChart all day and night on Friday the 31st because it sounded like they should have them up in a few hours.  Well, the didn’t.  So, I continued to obsess and proceeded to google search every damn symptom I had. I also looked up lab results from 2009 that reflected a high White Blood Cell count along with 2 other categories that were abnormal. These were precursors for lymphoma in some cases. Great, now I have lymphoma.  Oh, and after hours on WebMD, I also had skin cancer, Fibromyalgia and another disorder that I cannot spell or pronounce. Thank the LORD I am not a doctor. I’d have chairs full of pee as I diagnosed every disease in the book for the common cold.

Well, my anxiety built and built and with the falls, the memory loss of more than 3 or 4 FULL days, and blurry memory of all events and most conversations, we (my family) decided to take me to the ER on Sunday night.

Here’s where I move on to writing my next blog entry. Heaven’s to Betsy, I hope ya’ll can keep up with me because I sure as hell can’t.


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