Is it just me or does the world seem to be getting sliced lately? Cut the tension with a knife.  Whether its weather, politics, religion or violence, there is an enormous amount of negativity.  I’m not a psychic but I feel like there is a shake up.

The Sochi threats, school shootings, Missile Tests, the list goes on and on.


I once was a self proclaimed class of 2000 hippie sporting hemp shirts and necklaces, bandanas, no makeup, and soooo much love, man.  I’ve been in sales since I was 14 and since 2007, I had a career as a commercial lender. One Eighty, right (i couldn’t find the degree icon, okay)?  Give me a bit of credit.  I still play guitar… and none of that Kumbaya rubbish. I apologize to any kumbaya fans in the house. I play Zeppelin.  I play Foo Fighters.  I play Imagine Dragons (it’s a for a my Italian friend a Mikey), and even some bluegrass and country with Alison Krauss or Vince Gill.

hippie cris

I would love for music to be a way to connect us all together but I wasn’t born yesterday. Music can’t be the answer. It can help to build bridges but it can’t finish them.  What is the answer?  How do we find a way to get a long with other countries or with the people in our own country with different views. I know in my heart that for my daughter’s sake, the US government needs to figure out this budget because it is unbelievable and unacceptable.  But outside of that, how can we get people in our own country to find food, to find shelter, to find peace, to find love.  Isn’t that part of the American Dream? A roof to keep us from the rain. Food to spare us from starvation, peace to keep our hands away from guns and use them for manufacturing or making art. Stop fighting and begin loving so we can create life and fill our cups.  Pray together not based on religion, but based on belief that SOMEONE out there is watching over us. Let us pray together.

one love

I know that it’s late.  I know this is rambling. I normally write about bipolar and my miniscule little life. In the scheme of things, I’m a speck of dust. So are you. Isn’t that crazy to truly sit back and realize how many of us there are in the world (7.1 billion and only 317 million of that is in the US).

Over 440,000 galaxies in the Universe! Feeling Important Yet?

Over 440,000 galaxies in the Universe! Feeling Important Yet?

Sometimes I feel like if we all could just do ONE thing per day to make the world better, that we’d get somewhere. When someone tells me I have a boog hanging from my nose or holds the door open for me even when I’m wearing sweatpants out. Best Christmas Gift EVER!!!! When our new neighbor plowed our steep a$$ driveway on Christmas Eve so we could come home from our festivities and not have to shovel before we opened Santa’s gifts.

What can you do to make a difference today? Tomorrow?  Next week?

What can you do to make a difference? (insert valley girl voice: the stupid poll thingy isn’t working so we’ll have to go all… like… old fashioned. Use a #2 pencil…) Just kidding. Please COMMENT below (the poll honestly doesn’t have a function for what I’d like to do) Share ideas about how we can make a difference. I’ll start with one…

I just entered it in comment section.  Your Turn?  C’mon. Just one!!!


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