My Sweet Everyday Valentine

So I abruptly stopped taking lemectol the other day and I had been feeling well. I started reading about the dangers of not weaning off the medication so I decreased my dosage and began taking it again.

I felt awful today. I was confused, dizzy, off balance, slurred speech, and I’m still not feeling normal. I swear its the lemectol.

I feel like I have flipping dementia or.something.  I forget things, I don’t know who I’ve talked to oe what we talked about.

I feel so bad for my family. They have to deal with me like this. It breaks my heart.

I’m atill the luckiest girl in the world. My daughter is so caring and empathetic.  My husband is $@^&$* Superman.

When Mac lethal first released this, Matt sent it to me. He has sent it a few times to me over the years and I always tear up. He ia my rock. I love him more today than I knew possible.  Check out the video. He sent ir again today.


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