Weather Girl

Growing up, my father had always wanted me to be a weather gal. Although I never went to school to be a meteorologist, I sure do wish I could predict the weather.

weather girl

I also wish I could predict tomorrow. I’ve never had more clarity when it comes to priorities, morals, and values than I do at this moment. I am so grateful to have a better understanding of what is important to me and what matters to my family. I wish I could predict my moods. I want to know when I’ll lasso this beast and get back to sleeping and working like most people do.


It’s amazing how my mind works. I don’t believe I’m alone in this way of thinking. I am blessed to receive so many emails and messages thanking me for my writing. Compliment after compliment every single week, almost daily. So why is it that when I hear one negative remark or slander, that I replay that tape in my head over and over again. Why is it that I focus so much on how I resemble the negative instead of the positive? I really want to work on that. Any suggestions?


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