Mixed State

I’d love to hear from fellow and fellowettes… why didn’t spell check correct fellowettes? I was going to email Websters my new word, but maybe someone beat me to it.

So, I’m interested in picking your brain, not your nose… and hope that you can share your thoughts and experiences. It’d be mighty nice of ya’ll.

Have you ever experienced a mixed state?  If so, can you describe it for me?
How did your body feel?
What was going on in your head?
What was your mood like?
Did you feel energized?
What types of activity did you engage in? (Sleeping, reading, music, running)
Any other thoughts you have on mixed states?  I’d prefer to leave smells out of it because I know that for me, Cleanliness is #1 when I’m in a funk. Wink.

After you were diagnosed,  how long did it take you to start noticing triggers/signs of shifts in mood?

What led to your diagnosis… this one is purely curiosity.  It’s like war stories, for me.

Love you guys and I’m so glad we have found each other through WP. It’s so nice to have a community of people who truly get it. 

Peace & Love,

The middle aged Owl



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