The Monster of Don’t Try


My thoughts are scratching at the door

they need to be let out

You might let me run around

But I will only shout


Cuz there would be a leash now

and there would be a fence

To hold me here in place now

I’m certain, I’m not dense


So If I dig a hole near

underneath this yard

If I jump this fence here

it would leave me scarred


Brick walls await my arrival

I’d have to climb each one

Rivers to swim, bridges to cross

It wouldn’t be no fun


What might be outside that wall?

Do I have what it’d take to survive?

Could I make it through a fall,

A climb, a swim, this ride?


The chilling cold uncertainty

The shiver in my bones

I’ll tell you now it is clear to see

My eyes are always fixed on the storm


The tide, it brings in images

Of what this life could be

But the water it turns violent

Waves crash into the sea


On the tips of my toes I struggle

To see beyond the wall

Out to this destination

The buildings look so tall


I strain my eyes to see now

What’s Lurking in the fog

There’s something in the distance

It’s hiding in the smog


Focus I do try

But it’s the monster that I see

I feel my insides die

He’s waiting there for me


It’s just what I predicted

Made of I can not and fear

It’s the beast of failure

Yea It’s the beast, he’s near


The monster of never enough

The monster of don’t try

The monster of good things forgotten

The monster makes you cry


His roar it is so deafening

His steps they shake the ground

My heart it jumps off  buildings

Each beat hits and pounds


I know he’s looking at me

To me its no surprise

I knew he’d come here for me

If I ever tried


This is it, my only armor

My sole protectors here

Immobility, Inactivity

Now I won’t shed a tear


So I won’t make a move

And I’ll just close my eyes

I will stay here hidden

And he won’t hear my cries


Do nothing, Say nothing, sit still

And Under my bed you’ll sleep

I’ll let you snooze here peacefully

So My soul today, I’ll keep


He might leave me today

But tomorrow I do fear

How I’ll ever get out of this place

How I’ll make it out of here


So listen little girl

Take your eyes off the wall

So listen little girl

Don’t be afraid to fall


Sadly here’s the truth

Call it her fatal flaw

It’s buried deep within in her soul

Conclusions you may draw


She will never leave here

No she will never try

Because she knows the truth Dear

And she can’t tell a lie


If she ever breaks free

He’ll never let her go


He’ll grab a hold

He’ll take a bite

And he’ll swallow her whole








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