A Successful Life with Bipolar

I’m on a new mission.  At least for today.  Who knows how long this idea will last, but for today, I’m on a new mission.

I want to find every person living a successful life that has bipolar.

What defines success?  I guess that is different for everyone, mental illness or not. I’m looking for those that can support themselves/family financially.  People with loved ones that stick around that have found ways to manage their illness whether on or off of medication.

We’ve heard about the celebrities that opened up about their diagnosis of Bipolar.  I mean, Carrie Fisher seemed to be living a happy life. What a huge loss for anyone that knew her, personally or not.  May her beautiful spirit rest in peace.  It seemed that she was able to maintain a career as a writer/actress/entertainer and had loved ones surrounding her that supported her through out the ups and downs.  She also found time to advocate for us and attempt to rid the world of the stigma towards bipolar and mental illness as a whole.  Russell Brand – he’s definitely intense and had quite a path to get to where he is, but he seems to be consistently balanced, as well.  I want to know how!

I want to hear from others that are successfully managing their lives with Bipolar.  Professors, sales consultants, writers, marketing execs, at home mom’s, WHATEVER.  I want to hear your story.  What is working for you?  Have you always managed or was it a long road?  How did you get to this point?

I keep searching for success stories and unfortunately, the only ones I am uncovering are from celebrities.  Maybe it’s because they live their lives in the spotlight? Because they are seen by the public more so than those that are not in the 90210 zip code?   Either way, I want to find out.

I want to know what careers seem to work for those with Bipolar.  I want to see what components go into maintaining relationships with friends and family during manic and depressive episodes.  The real story, not what the pamphlets tell us.

If you know of any resources that might help, please contact me.  Thanks!




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