Security Blankets

These are things that bring me comfort while I’m depressed or things that I choose to avoid so I can continue being wrapped in my security blanket. When it gets really bad, it’s interesting how the things that can bring me comfort are the things I tend to push away.

What are your Security Blankets? Comment Below.

My Husband – giving him a hug after a day of sitting all alone can be the best part of my day, but on the really bad days, I feel like he deserves so much more than me and I want to run and hide because I don’t want him to have to “deal” with me.

My Daughter – hugs and hearing about her day remind me why my life is so beautiful, although on really bad days, I feel like such a horrible mother that it’s hard to look at her because of the guilt I feel. I convince myself that she deserves so much more than I can provide.


Not answering phone – I don’t want to be a “debbie downer”- I hate knowing that I’m letting my friends and family down and besides having zero energy to talk, I don’t know what to say.

A Blanket – literally a great security blanket – especially the faux fur one!


My pets (Sheldon and Ellie) – They cuddle with me even when I haven’t showered for days, but when I’m really down, I feel like I’m even a bad pet Mom.

No socializing – I don’t want to talk to anybody – just the thought of conversation brings on anxiety. Sometimes I don’t even want to see my family (hubby and daughter) because I feel so bad that I’m not in a good place. The hugs are great but I hate seeing them sad because of me. I know they want me to feel better, but I want them to enjoy their day without my BS impacting them.  Going to the store or anywhere with people – attempting to talk to strangers reminds me of how bubbly I used to be and that just makes it worse.

Staying in PJ’s – I don’t need to change when I haven’t showered, right? What’s the point?

A Dark Room – When I’m in a good place, I LOVE bright. Opening all of the blinds, turning on all of the lights, everything bright and full of light! I can’t get enough. When I’m depressed, I turn into a vampire. When I’m down, sunshine is brutal.

Amazon Prime Now Delivery – Within 2 hours, I can have groceries and toiletries at my doorstep. It’s almost like they promote no showering and a lack of socializing. Amazon Prime Now

Pizza & Sandwiches – pretty much any food that requires very little preparation. I generally enjoy cooking but when I’m in a bad place, even thinking about cooking or the clean up, makes me cringe.

Netflix/TV/YouTube – it helps me to escape the thoughts for awhile

My Inner Circle – The People in my life that truly understand me. It is so comforting when I know that I don’t have to explain myself or make excuses. They just “know” and it’s an unspoken thing. I don’t have to say a word.

Reading– whether it’s blogs, internet searches for random information, or a good book, it helps to keep my mind from spewing out negative thoughts.

Your Turn…


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