Faith at the bottom of the mountain

Faith is a wonderous thing.

When you find it, hold tight and embrace it for it is a beautiful treasure. In darkness, it will shine. In thirst, your cup shall be filled. You’ll never come across anything so precious and magical as faith.

When you lose faith, seek it out, search for it as if it were your key to unlocking the mysteries in the stars. Call out for it, form a search party, fill your mind and heart with the stories of others that have found it.

Faith is never as far away as desperation leads you to believe. It’s just around the corner, my friend. One foot in front of the other.

If you’re crawling in darkness and struggling to see, this spark is for you. A flicker of hope from me to you. A few more steps, you’re doing great.

I know it’s not easy. The journey is painful, the terrain can be rough. What lies ahead will take your breath away and you’ll have plenty of time to rest.

Keep pushing on and hold your head up high. Not everyone is given this difficult journey. That means very few, get to see this view. This breathtaking view. The view from the top When the clouds part and the golden sun peaks through. The view after that exhausting hike. When you keep walking, one foot in front of the other, the destination will rise up to meet you. Keep on walking, my friend.


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